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Pretty In Pink!

Pretty in Pink accurately describes the Purple Leaf Plum which is flowering now throughout the middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. Purple Leaf Plum ( Prunus cerasifera ) is an ornamental tree grown for its pink spring flowers and purple foliage. It is a smaller tree growing to about 10'-12' tall and wide, sometimes a little larger. It does not produce fruit but there may be occasionally small remnant fruit. T he Purple Leaf Plum is not a drought tolerant tree and grows best with regular water, on good soil with a surface layer of mulch. The Purple Leaf Plum prefers a well-drained soil but can also be grown on heavier clay soils especially if an appropriate rootstock is used. This ornamental flowering tree is hardy to USDA Zone 5. Contact the nursery at or by phone at 505-866-5027 for more information and availability. Photos and Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

We have COOL SEASON Flowers and Veggies.

Are you anxious to get started in your garden? Then we’ve got what you need! We have COOL SEASON Flowers and Veggies . These are plants that can tolerate the warm days and cool to cold nights including temperatures at or just below freezing. Flowers in stock include Viola (Johnny Jump-Ups),   Pansy,   and Alyssum.   Veggies in stock include Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Kale, and more.   Veggies are packaged as small starter plants that can be directly planted into your garden soil. Contact or Come By Trees That Please Nursery for more information. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Orchid or Strap Cactus

Come by and check out our Orchid Cactus which are in bloom now as they do each late winter with their spectacular bright red flowers.   Day blooming Orchid cacti are hybrids of Epiphyllum ackermannii ( Disocactus ackermannii ). Most members of the genus Epiphyllum are night blooming cacti with flowers of white or yellow. Disocactus ackermannii is a day blooming cactus with bright red flowers.   Disocactus ackermannii is an epiphytic cactus native to some tropical forests in Mexico. The orchid cactus has long broad flat leaves which help it earn its second common name the "Strap Cactus." Orchid cacti are similar in growth form and appearance to Christmas cacti but with much larger flowers and stems. Contact Trees That Please Nursery for more information and pricing. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Winter Jasmine

This week the Winter Jasmine is in Bloom , that’s right you heard me correctly IN BLOOM !   It started blooming back in February. If you’re unfamiliar with Winter Jasmine you will definitely do a double take when you see it in flower in the garden outdoors in February and March when we still have freezing temperatures at night. Winter Jasmine ( Jasminium nudiflorum ) grows as a thin stemmed deciduous shrub that is native to China. It can grow 8’ – 10’ tall and wider but is more typically 2’ – 3’ tall and wide. Leafless stems remain green through winter.     As its name suggests, Winter Jasmine flowers in late winter in Los Lunas at the nursery, both in pots and where planted on the grounds.     The species name nudiflorum translates to naked flower and is aptly named as bright its bright yellow flowers appear on naked (leafless) green stems.   Winter Jasmine is valued as a small shrub or light ground cover shrub that flowers when all other plants are do