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Isle of Sky Farm Annual Garden Party in White Oaks New Mexico!

The Isle of Sky Farm is anticipating their Annual Garden Party and You Are Invited!
 The Annual Garden Party will be held on Saturday September 12th 2015 in White Oaks, New Mexico

This event is a Delicious and Educational  Gathering of Growers and those who love them.
Please Plan to Attend!
Isle of Sky Farm is a Small Nursery and Botanical Garden dedicated to sustainable growing practices .

Owned and Operated by Jaimee Zischke Tate and Her Dedicated Staff!
Our focus is on native and locally adapted seeds, seedlings, plants, and trees.

We offer a unique selection of fruits, berries, roses, flowers and herbs for culinary, medicinal, and bee use.

The High Flight Apiary hives pollinate the gardens and also provide honey and beeswax used to make our healing salves and lip balm.

Top Bar beehives, beeswax, and our handmade skin care products are available in the Nursery’s shop, as well as raw honey in season.
For an Isle of Sky Farm Brochure with Map Click on the Following Link:

Is California Sucking the Almond Industry Dry?

The following article is about Almond Production in California  and the amount of water needed. 
This article is very timely as Soil Secrets Soil Ecology products are being used by California's Almond producers proving to help with the water problem while also helping to produce good crops using less water.

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
Trees That Please Nursery will be closed for the 4th of July Holiday.
We will reopen on Sunday July 5th at 12:00
Enjoy the Holiday and Be Safe!