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You're Invited To A Presentation By Michael Melendrez At The Angel Fire Rotary Club Meeting on February 25, 2015!

When:  Takes place on February 25, 2015 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Where:   In Angel Fire At Hail's Holy Smoked BBQ
Who:  Michael Melendrez //

Michael’s company is based out of Los Lunas and is called Soil Secrets. 

What Soil Secrets does is develop organic fertilizers that help New Mexico plants and trees become drought resistant in a cost-efficient manner. The company is a great NM business story because they sell their products nation-wide. Michael Melendrez is the owner and a Rotarian himself. He will talk to our club about how it’s like building a small business in NM as well as how to combat the effects of droughts and how his products help with that.

A great meeting to invite a friend to!
Additional Information at:

Soil Secrets Exhibits At World Ag Expo!

The World Ag Expo is the largest agriculture conference in the world  with over 100,000 in attendance. 

Soil Secrets is now being used on some of California's largest orchard farms. 

Michael Martin Meléndrez Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC 

Albuquerque's Soil Conditioner Source 505 550-3246

Sex At The Nursery

We sexed our Silverleaf Buffaloberry plants at the nursery on Valentine’s Day. The flowers are tiny and you must look closely but you can clearly find male and female flowers.  Males are identified by their protruding stamens.

Females are harder to identify as their pistils just barely protrude from the flower.

Do you have a Silverleaf Buffaloberry that has never made fruit? Maybe it needs a partner?  If you examine your plants closely, over the next few weeks, looking for tiny yellow flowers, you should be able (by comparison to our photos) to determine if you have a boy or a girl plant. Then stop by the nursery and we’ll be your matchmaker!
Silverleaf Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentia) is a large shrub that can reach 6′-15′ tall and wide. It is thorny with silvery-gray leaves. Canopy is very dense. Silverleaf Buffaloberry produces tiny yellow flowers and an edible berry that is red, orange or yellow. There are male and female plants, both are needed to produce fruit. It is a great good ch…

Bare Root Pear Trees – Big Trees – Little Price!

Bare Root Pear Trees Are Available Now At Trees That Please Nursery!

Bare Roots Are Less Expensive Than Container Grown Trees?

 Bare Root Pear Varieties Available:

Warren Pear A medium to large drop shaped green with red blush fruit. Sweet, buttery, very juicy flesh with no grit cells! Large vigorous tree is self-fertile and resistant to Fire-Blight, a bacterial disease of pears.

Seckel Pear also called SUGAR Pear! A small yellowish brown russet fruit with russet red cheek. Sweet, juicy, smooth, fine-grained flesh. Considered a “Connoisseur’s Delight”!. This pear is self-fertile and resistant to Fire-Blight, a bacterial disease of pears.

Come Early For Best Selection! We also have a large selection of containerized Pear Trees available!
Come In & Register For A Free Fruit Tree With PlantingA $175.00 Value!
Phone & Site Support, We Want You To Succeed! Planting and Care Directions Provided!