Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bare Root Apple Trees – Big Trees – Little Price!

Bare Root Apple Trees Are Available Now At

Trees That Please Nursery!


Bare Roots Cost Little
Compared To Container
Grown Trees?

 Bare Root Apple Varieties Available:

Gala Apple – Red striped apple, Great Flavor, Sweet & Crisp, Fresh Eating Desert Apple, Good Keeper!  Self-Fertile (You only need one tree to get fruit)

Ashmead’s Kernal Apple – Old heirloom apple, Crisp, Juicy, Yellow Flesh, Unique nut-like flavor,  Good Keeper, Taste Test Winner! 
Good for fresh eating & Cider!   Needs a pollinator!

Pink Lady Apple – Yellow with pink or red colored skin, Tart-Sweet white flesh,
keeps 6-8 months,  Self-Fertile

Spitzenberg Apple – Old heirloom apple, Thomas Jefferson’s favorite, connoisseurs desert apple,
Orangish skin, Crisp, spicy, juicy, yellow flesh, 
develops better flavor in storage, Needs a pollinator!

Come Early For Best Selection!
We also have a large selection of containerized Apple Trees available!

Come In & Register For A Free Fruit Tree With Planting
A $175.00 Value!

Phone & Site Support, We Want You To Succeed!
Planting and Care Directions Provided!

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Bring This Coupon and
Save 15% on All Products and Services
Purchased Before March 1, 2015

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