Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What are those Green Beetles that completely consume my Peaches?

We have had this question asked of the nursery staff several times in recent days 
as we all anticipate a bountiful fruit harvest this year!

What are those Green Beetles that completely consume my Peaches?

The answer is:  The Green June Beetle!

We don't have any current photos of this little rascal but we can provide you
 with the following references that provide additional information and photos. 

Click on the links below for more information.

As we approach Peach Harvest time we will revisit the Green Jun Beetle!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Spring-time All Around The Nursery!

The Daffodils are in Bloom!

The Afternoons Are Warm!

Makes You Think About Gardening!

 Trees That Please Nursery Can Help You With All Your Gardening Needs!

Begin With Your Soil – 

A Healthy Soil Supports Healthy Plants!

We suggest starting with the Soil Secrets Products: TerraPro and Protein Crumblies.

We also have a large selection of Shade Trees, Shrubs, Cacti, Fruit Trees,
Pines, and Evergreens for your landscape needs.

If it’s advice you need – stop by the nursery anytime. We love to “Talk Trees”.
If we don’t have an answer we will work to find it!

Trees That Please Nursery is a Full Service Nursery Offering


You’re invited to stop by and check us out!

We Have A Winner!

Over the past month or so we have been collecting entries:

For A Free Fruit Tree With Planting
A $175.00 Value!

We had our drawing

And We Have A Winner!

David Robinson of Los Lunas, NM…..

Trees That Please Nursery will:
And Guarantee This Tree!

To ensure success we will use the Soil Secrets Products:
Protein Crumblies.

What Does TerraPro Do?
TerraPro is a Soil Conditioner That:

Improves the uptake of nutrients
Improves soil structure and root development
Increases soil microbe activity
Increases crop yields
Retains fertilizers, thereby reducing runoff
Promotes healthier crops, by increasing nutrient uptake
Improves drought tolerance, by retaining water in the soil
Improve soil fertility
Remediates soils damaged by: Crude Oils, Salts and Mine Tailings

What Does Protein Crumblies Do?

Protein Crumblies is nature’s best source of nutritional calories for feeding the soil.

It is also a source of slow release organic nitrogen that plants and soil microbes can use.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Transforming Deserts Into Farmland.....

The ambitious Sahara Forest Project is developing cutting-edge food, water and energy technologies in the deserts of Qatar and Jordan in an attempt turn sand dunes into farms. The plan: to combine solar thermal technologies with saltwater evaporation techniques, freshwater condensation, and efficient production of food and biomass without displacing existing agriculture or natural vegetation. As desertification becomes an increasingly vexing problem around the world, this group of technologists is aiming for revegetation….

If the Sahara Forest Project were to use the molecular biology products of  Soil Secrets the desert soils of these sites would need far less water and would
 grow more nutrient dense food than what conventional fertilizers could produce under the same conditions.  Soil Secrets is Bio-Mimicry! 

Follow this link to read more about the Sahara Forest Project:

Michael Martin Meléndrez
Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC

Albuquerque's Soil Conditioner Source
505 550-3246

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What are Real Humic Acids? sub-title: What are Supramolecular Humic Molecules?

They aren’t just dead decaying organic stuff.  

Humic molecules of soil, often called Humic Acids, are self-assembling structures resulting in bigger structures.  Self-assembly is all about individual parts coming together on their own to build precise things.  The final shape of the bigger structure is called a Supramolecular substance which Nature has programmed to be completely repeatable.  The material science of Supramolecular chemistry is based upon a response to Thermal Energy that’s part of the molecular characteristic of each molecule involved.  The molecules themselves are a ‘Anabolic’ (to build) product of soil chemistry, which is the opposite of composting and soil organic matter which are products of a  ‘Catabolic’ (breaking down) process. 

When dealing with the world of Soil Ecology and the Mechanism of Action provided to soils and the living systems of soil by the Supramolecular Humic Molecules, the series of words Supramolecular Self-Assembly sounds very complicated, but it represents is fairly simple concept.  Nature is a force of constant change and movement, where the wind blows, water flows, oceans have tides and molecules move.   When some molecules get larger they have the ability to stick to themselves allowing them to form larger assemblies of molecules that are not bonded to each other but do stick to one another.   Unlike the pieces of a puzzle that are also not stuck to one another, you must manipulate the pieces to put the puzzle together.  Not so with Supramolecular molecules, which will self-assembly without an outside influence, programmed by Nature.   The pieces of a puzzle, or the bricks of a house must be manipulated to put into place, but molecules with enough ‘Thermal Energy’ can move and be sticky enough that they will stick together forming larger and larger structures.    As the molecules get larger and larger, the force that allows them to stick together also gets larger and larger.  The larger the mass of the Supramolecular Humic structure the more powerful and effective it is in doing amazing things in the soil.  This is why the concept of a Fulvic acid molecule is flawed, as that substance is supposed to be a very small molecule!  Like building a house, if the bricks could move and stick together, then the house could spontaneously self-assemble.  If we could make bricks by controlling where to put  ‘Force Constants’  the bricks could self-assemble into functional structures, which is the notion of Supramolecular large molecules that self assembled spontaneously.    However just like the pieces of the puzzle or the individual bricks, the molecules of Humics must first be manufactured, either by Nature’s soil ecology or by Soil Secrets LLC.  This happens well enough in a healthy soil ecology, but in disturbed soil or fields of agriculture the precursor chemicals needed to build these molecules are most likely not available.  This is why fortifying the soil with them can provide huge benefits!   

When dealing with Soil Ecology, Agriculture and Horticulture, we are dealing with living systems that Nature has perfected with trial and error over the eons of time.  Living systems are the prototypical example of Supramolecular assemblies where individual cells will self-assemble.  When they divide they will self-assemble.  Encoded on the genome is the information that allows the cells to spontaneously assemble into functional entities.  So learning the rules of self-assembly is what science clings to, in defending and explaining evolution.   Through trial and error different molecular structures formed,  some which gave function and some which did not.   In the case of Humic molecules, if the individual molecules or the resulting larger Supramolecular Humic Substance failed to have function it would have no Mechanism of Action (benefit) to our soil’s ecology.   It’s not a perfect flawless system as there are often mistakes made where the larger self-assembled structures have either no function or in the case of biology may result in a disease caused by a miss-folded event.   

I’ve taken the time to explain the amazing science behind the bio-identical humic molecules of TerraPro, to help all of us appreciate what they are.  It explains the phenomena behind the dramatic reduction in soil compaction measured by Don DeBoer of Mid Valley Agriculture Services on a pistachio orchard in California (see our blog story: http://www.soilsecretsblog.com/2015_01_01_archive.html) where penetrating 3 feet deep with a probe calibrated to measure the psi of the soil a reduction in psi was seen dropping from 300 to 75 in half a year.  At a psi of 300 the probe could only penetrate 1 inch but after treating the fields with 600 pounds of TerraPro per acre and waiting half a year the psi dropped to an average of 75 and the probe could penetrate 3 feet with only 75 pounds of applied pressure.  This exemplifies the power of Supramolecular Humic Molecules as I can’t think of anything else that can make that big of an impact on over 12 million pounds of earth using only 600 pounds of technical material.    Think of all the water savings that could be had on urban landscapes across the Western States  if water and oxygen could penetrate the soil 3 feet deep.  Imagine the impact on irrigated agriculture globally if the soil’s porosity could absorb water and manage its use slowly.  This is the potential of TerraPro’s supramolecular chemistry.

Michael Martin Meléndrez
Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC
Albuquerque's Soil Conditioner Source
505 550-3246

Monday, February 23, 2015

You're Invited To A Presentation By Michael Melendrez At The Angel Fire Rotary Club Meeting on February 25, 2015!

When:  Takes place on February 25, 2015 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Where:   In Angel Fire At Hail's Holy Smoked BBQ

Who:  Michael Melendrez // http://soilsecrets.com/

Michael’s company is based out of Los Lunas and is called Soil Secrets. 

What Soil Secrets does is develop organic fertilizers that help New Mexico plants and trees become drought resistant in a cost-efficient manner. The company is a great NM business story because they sell their products nation-wide. Michael Melendrez is the owner and a Rotarian himself. He will talk to our club about how it’s like building a small business in NM as well as how to combat the effects of droughts and how his products help with that.

A great meeting to invite a friend to!

Additional Information at:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Soil Secrets Exhibits At World Ag Expo!

The World Ag Expo is the largest agriculture conference in the world
 with over 100,000 in attendance. 

Soil Secrets is now being used on some of California's largest orchard farms. 

Michael Martin Meléndrez
Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC 

Albuquerque's Soil Conditioner Source
505 550-3246