Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trees That Please is a New Mexico Tree Nursery .....

Trees That Please is a New Mexico Tree Nursery that specializes in the propagation and growth of Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Cacti native to the Southwestern United States.

We grow Oak Trees, 

Shade Trees, Fruit Trees, 


Shrubs, Cacti, 

Perennials, and Seasonal Herbs, Flowers, and Veggies. We also have grass and clover seed.

We are a full service nursery offering site consultations, delivery, and planting.

We are here to help you succeed! 
Call , Email Us, or come by the store. We're open daily. For current store hours, check out our website at:  Click Here: Trees That Please Nursery Website

Photos and Narrative By:
Steve Sain

Staff Plant Physiologist

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trees That Please A New Mexico Tree Nursery!

Trees That Please Nursery is a New Mexico Tree Nursery located in Los Lunas, New Mexico which is just south of Albuquerque.

Our Location:
3084 Highway 47
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031

Email:   treesthatplease@comcast.net
phone:  505-866-5027

Current Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday         9:00 - 4:30
Sunday                            11:00 - 4:00

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bare Root Fruit Trees Will Be Here Soon!

It's almost Bare Root fruit tree season and we will have some Sweet and Juicy varieties selected for our climate and growing conditions. 

Bare Root Fruit trees are younger trees, generally 2-3 years old, that have had the soil removed from their roots. This makes shipping and handling easier and less expensive. It also makes them easier to plant. Below is a photo showing one of our bare root trees with exposed roots.

Bare Root fruit trees are planted while still dormant, immediately upon receipt. Normal winter care consists of watering about once every 3-4 weeks to ensure the roots remain moist (not wet) through the winter months.

The list below shows what we expect to be available for immediate planting in the next few weeks.

Bare Root Fruit Tree List 2014

Variety                                               Rootstock                              

Gala Apple                                          M111                                             
Jonathan Apple                                   M111                                             
Ashmead’s Kernal Apple                    M111                                             
Pink Lady Apple                                 M111                                             
Spitzenberg Apple                               M111                                             

O’Henry Peach                                   Lovell                                            

Shinko Asian Pear                               Betulafolia                                     

Lapins Cherry                                     Mahaleb                                         
North Star Cherry                               Mahaleb                                         
Li Jujube                                             Jujube                                            

Seckel Pear                                          OHxF333                                  
Warren Pear                                        OHxF333                                      

Green Gage Bavay’s Plum                   Myro 29C

Reserve your Bare Root fruit tree today or get on our TO CALL list by contacting Trees That 

Please Nursery via Email: treesthatplease@comcast.net.

or phone at: 505-866-5027

Photos and Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Red Oaks of North America are in a group called "Black Oaks”.

The so called Red Oaks of North America are in a group called "Black Oaks", which can result in cross pollination and hybridization between the many members in this group. A Black Oak cannot hybridize with a White Oak! In the Chihuahuan Desert Region of the Southwest there are Black Oaks, White Oaks and Golden Oaks. New Mexico is in the middle of the region resulting in some overlap of Midwestern and Eastern species found native in New Mexico like the two White Oak species, the Bur Oak - Quercus macrocarpa and the Chinquapin Oak - Quercus muehlenbergii.

In the tribe of Black Oaks, the so called Red Oaks, New Mexico has three species, the Emory oak - Quercus emoryi, the Silverleaf Oak - Quercus hypoleucoides and the Chisos Red Oak - Quercus gravesii. The Chisos Red Oak is very similar to the Texas Red Oak which is found growing not too far away in West Texas near Sweetwater, Texas.

Trees That Please Nursery grows from seed the Chinquapin, Bur, Texas Red, and Chisos Red oaks, to mention but a few, and is the only retail nursery in Northern New Mexico (Albuquerque metro market) that grows this amazing selection of hardy arid zone trees. If you want the most drought tolerant tree that will someday add shade and value to your home, then Trees That Please is your best nursery for finding the tree that is truly worthy of cultivation in our arid desert climate.

Photos & Narrative By:
Michael Martin Melendrez

Owner / Manager

Sunday, January 5, 2014

WE'RE Back!

We're Back After The Holidays and Are Enthusiastic and Ready to Help you all your Planting and Soil Building Needs in 2014!

Visit the Nursery during January and receive a 25% on Fruit Trees and Oak Trees.

We are a full service nursery offering: consultations, delivery, and plantings.

We are located in Los Lunas:

 on Highway 47, 4 miles south of the Albertsons – Big 5 shopping center.

We are open:    Monday  –  Saturday  9 am to 4:30 pm
                                Sunday   11 am to 4 pm

Follow this link and check out our website at : http://treesthatplease.org/

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Mexican's invited to the 1st International Humus Experts Meeting!


Most agree that the most essential part of a healthy and productive soil is the amazing carbon rich substance commonly called "Humus", the black stuff that makes a top soil different from dirt.

Regardless of what you are attempting to grow, wither it be trees, turf, a park, a sports field, or a crop, you cannot excel without the soil first being healthy.   That characteristic is contingent upon the soil containing enough molecular carbon with the proper characteristics.  This has been mysterious at the least for most of us, however for the first time a gathering of the worlds leading experts on this topic will meet to cuss and discuss the science of Humus. 

The 1st International Humus Experts Meeting will be held in Kaindorf, Austria in a few days, January 22nd and 23rd.  See the attached brochure on the event.   There are eight experts that have been selected from around the globe, to present at this event, each noted for areas of expertise on topics relevant to building better top soil.

New Mexico is blessed to have two of the eight experts at this meeting Native to the Land of Enchantment.   David Johnson, a molecular biologist Senior Project Specialists with the Institute for the Energy and Environment - New Mexico State University & Michael Martin MelĂ©ndrez, owner of Trees That Please nursery in Los Lunas and a soil bio tech company Soil Secrets Worldwide LLC.  

Soil Secrets produces materials that are used in the reclamation of mines, development of soils for landscaping and the inoculation of crops.  They are the industry leaders in Mycorrhizal inoculants and the powerful carbon biologic molecules generically called Humic Acids. 

We understand that most of us are busy and cannot  travel to Austria at the drop of a hat, however we feel its important that you are aware of the happenings in the    field of soil science including this event. 

Happy New Year!
The Staff at Trees That Please Nursery!

Click on the Link Below to View the Brochure on the Event:

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Tempts Your Taste Buds!

We have a great selection of TASTE-TEMPTING FRUIT TREES for your home orchard!

Whether it’s an Apricot,





or Pear,

that makes your mouth water Trees That Please Nursery has many varieties from which to select.

We can help you with variety descriptions and tell you whether they are self-fruitful or need a pollinator. We will also supply you with Planting Instructions and a Care Guide to help you succeed! Don’t forget to top dress those newly planted fruit trees with Earth Magic and Protein Crumblies to build your soil!

It’s a great time to plant as long as your ground is not frozen because there will be no water-stress on your trees at planting.

All Fruit Trees are discounted 25% through January so come in today and get that mouth- watering, sweet and juicy fruit tree you’ve been thinking about.

Visit our website at http://treesthatplease.org/ and review fruit tree variety descriptions.

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist