Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bare Root Fruit Trees Will Be Here Soon!

It's almost Bare Root fruit tree season and we will have some Sweet and Juicy varieties selected for our climate and growing conditions. 

Bare Root Fruit trees are younger trees, generally 2-3 years old, that have had the soil removed from their roots. This makes shipping and handling easier and less expensive. It also makes them easier to plant. Below is a photo showing one of our bare root trees with exposed roots.

Bare Root fruit trees are planted while still dormant, immediately upon receipt. Normal winter care consists of watering about once every 3-4 weeks to ensure the roots remain moist (not wet) through the winter months.

The list below shows what we expect to be available for immediate planting in the next few weeks.

Bare Root Fruit Tree List 2014

Variety                                               Rootstock                              

Gala Apple                                          M111                                             
Jonathan Apple                                   M111                                             
Ashmead’s Kernal Apple                    M111                                             
Pink Lady Apple                                 M111                                             
Spitzenberg Apple                               M111                                             

O’Henry Peach                                   Lovell                                            

Shinko Asian Pear                               Betulafolia                                     

Lapins Cherry                                     Mahaleb                                         
North Star Cherry                               Mahaleb                                         
Li Jujube                                             Jujube                                            

Seckel Pear                                          OHxF333                                  
Warren Pear                                        OHxF333                                      

Green Gage Bavay’s Plum                   Myro 29C

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Photos and Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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  1. This Season we do not have the Variety Sugar Cane Jujube but we do have Li, a self-fertile jujube that does very well here in the Los Lunas, Nm area.