Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Red Oaks of North America are in a group called "Black Oaks”.

The so called Red Oaks of North America are in a group called "Black Oaks", which can result in cross pollination and hybridization between the many members in this group. A Black Oak cannot hybridize with a White Oak! In the Chihuahuan Desert Region of the Southwest there are Black Oaks, White Oaks and Golden Oaks. New Mexico is in the middle of the region resulting in some overlap of Midwestern and Eastern species found native in New Mexico like the two White Oak species, the Bur Oak - Quercus macrocarpa and the Chinquapin Oak - Quercus muehlenbergii.

In the tribe of Black Oaks, the so called Red Oaks, New Mexico has three species, the Emory oak - Quercus emoryi, the Silverleaf Oak - Quercus hypoleucoides and the Chisos Red Oak - Quercus gravesii. The Chisos Red Oak is very similar to the Texas Red Oak which is found growing not too far away in West Texas near Sweetwater, Texas.

Trees That Please Nursery grows from seed the Chinquapin, Bur, Texas Red, and Chisos Red oaks, to mention but a few, and is the only retail nursery in Northern New Mexico (Albuquerque metro market) that grows this amazing selection of hardy arid zone trees. If you want the most drought tolerant tree that will someday add shade and value to your home, then Trees That Please is your best nursery for finding the tree that is truly worthy of cultivation in our arid desert climate.

Photos & Narrative By:
Michael Martin Melendrez

Owner / Manager

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