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We Have Red, Yellow, and Orange Flowered Trumpet Vines In Stock Now

Trumpet Vines are vigorous climbers suitable for covering walls, fences, arbors, telephone poles, or even trees. They can grab onto almost any surface or structure using wrap around tendrils. They can be used to provide a privacy screen during summer or for shade if allowed to climb on a suitable support. They are attractive to pollinators including Hummingbirds which frequent them to feed.  Varieties are available with Red, Yellow, and Orange flowers. The flowers are followed by large long seed pods. When mature, seed pods dry and split releasing numerous thin, brown, paper-like seeds. Trumpet vine can be propagated using these seeds. Trumpet Vines can be grown in full or part sun with low to regular water and are Hardy to USDA Zone 4.  Annual pruning is needed to maintain shape and size. We currently have all three trumpet vine flower colors in stock in as large plants in 5 gallon containers. Tree That Please Nursery An Albuquerque

Colorful Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks can be annual,   biennial, or perennial plants. Many have a tall erect, unbranched form reaching 3' - 5' in height. Most common varieties have flowers borne on tall stalks. Flowers typically measure 3"– 5" in diameter. Varieties are available in many colors including white, hot pink, light pink, and dark red in color. Hollyhocks form a dry fruit called  schizocarp that is divided into sections that each contain numerous seeds. Hollyhocks add a Big Splash of color to the landscape. They often will spread from last years dropped seed even in our dry climate. Trees That Please Nursery has several different colored flower types as well as a pink flowered wild type Hollyhock with smaller flowers and stalks.  Hollyhocks do best in full to part sun with low to regular water for best flower production. Stop by the nursery and check out our colorful assortment of perennials…. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen S

Mimic Mother Nature – Protect Your Soils!

Whether you’re hiking on the mesa or in the mountains Mother Nature has her soils covered. Look down and you will rarely see bare soil, more often it is covered with decaying leaves, sticks, branches, and other debris. You will also notice that most often if you do see bare soil there is nothing growing there! Seemingly the message is without mulch – life is hard! All this decaying plant material serves to protect the soil. It helps retain moisture, cool, and feed the soil. Bare soil gets hot and rapidly loses its moisture. This surface layer of decaying plant material feeds the soil as decomposition releases required plant nutrients back into the soil. If deep enough this layer also reduces the number of annual weeds that germinate up through it. All this good stuff also feeds the beneficial soil microorganisms which associate with the roots of your plants – making them healthier! Trees That Please Nursery offers both bagged and bulk mulches like Pecan Shell a

Sweet and Juicy Peaches!

Imagine walking out into your yard and selecting a fully ripened sweet and juicy peach off of your tree. Select one that is slightly soft, pull it off the tree, take a bite and the sweet juices drip onto your chin as you enjoy that wonderful peach flavor! Sweet and Juicy those are two primary factors we consider in all fruit tree varieties we offer. Peaches are self-fertile so you only need one tree to get fruit. Peach trees can be summer pruned to keep them at any desired size. If you just don't like to prune consider the PixZee Peach, a genetic dwarf tree that only gets 6' tall and wide. We offer several peach tree varieties including Reliance,  PixZee, and Elberta. We also have a white fleshed peach variety and a Nectarine named Mericrest that is a taste test winner. Check out the nursery for all your fruit tree needs. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Our Roses Are Showing Their Colors Now!

Trees That Please Nursery has a colorful selection of roses for your garden or office landscape that are in full bloom now. So come on in and check out the rainbow of colors available. We have shrub roses like Pinata, an interesting variety in that it appears to have roses of many colors on the same plant, and Broadway. We also have climbing roses like Purple Splash and Maid of Honor. Most of our roses are ever bloomers that will re-bloom all season long. Be sure to take a bag of mulch home with rose plant. Mulch is applied on the surface around your rose to help retain moisture and reduce temperature. Trees That Please Nursery is located in Los Lunas on Highway 47 just south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are open daily until 5:00 pm. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist