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Memories of the Golden Jubilee Tomato..

The first killing frosts have come and ended the growing season but memories of an orangish-gold tomato persist. The Golden Jubilee Tomato is a tasty treat that adds a splash of color to your salad, sandwich, or snack.   Golden Jubilee Tomatoes have a mild flavor and are low in acid for those with sensitive stomachs. It produces a medium size fruit and has the indeterminate growth habit, meaning it will continue to produce until frost.   If you have not  tried a Golden Jubilee Tomato put it on your spring planting list. Trees That Please Nursery has these colorful gems available each spring planting season. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist  

At The Arboretum Tomé, Our Redwoods Have Male Flowers This Year!

Both Our New Mexico and Texas Redwoods have produced male flowers this season for the first time since planting. Both of these redwood varieties were seed planted about 20 years ago. The original seed source for our New Mexico Redwood was a specimen found growing in the Gila wilderness. This tree has produced female flowers (cones) for 4-5 years now but without a pollen source no viable seed is produced (cones are sterile). The male flowers, produced in abundance this season hang in clusters. Individual flowers are still closed at this time (October) so are not shedding pollen (see photo below).   We are very excited about the potential to produce this rare tree, a New Mexico Native, from seed in the coming years. The New Mexico Redwood, ( Taxodium mucronatum var. neomexicana ) is a fast growing deciduous tree. Native to New Mexico, few specimens survive in the wild. As a riparian tree, with deep roots, the New Mexico Redwood is best grown with ample water. It is no

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club Visited The Arboretum Tomé!

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club had a field trip to The Arboretum Tomé on Saturday October 19 th to view the grounds and look for Bonsai plant specimens.  The Club had access to all tree specimens grown at the Arboretum. Many of these are in one gallon containers a good size to start your Bonsai. The Arboretum serves as the production nursery for Trees That Please Nursery so has a great variety of tree species available. The group asked lots of questions and were able to roam the Arboretum grounds. For more information about the Albuquerque Bonsai Club visit their website at: Anyone interested in Bonsai is welcome to join the Albuquerque Bonsai Club. Membership dues are $24.00 per year for individuals or families starting in January. The benefits of membership in the Albuquerque Bonsai Club include: §   Monthly meetings, where members meet to share their interest in and knowledge of Bonsai.  Open to the public. §   Seminars and Worksh

The Arboretum Tomé, A Living Laboratory, Is Open Year Round

The Arboretum serves as a living laboratory and is available for school field trips, students, home gardeners, researchers, and individuals. The Arboretum is a great place to observe mature native trees, to study, to be inspired, or to see the great variety of native landscaping trees the southwest has to offer. If you're in the area, call us, for access! During Fall, The Arboretum Tomé,  presents a great variety of colorful fall foliage,  a visual sensation for the eyes! The Arboretum Tomé is a collection of trees endemic to the desert Southwest. The collection includes a huge collection of Oak trees, the genus Quercus, along with Redwoods, Giant Timber Bamboo, and Maples, including a Western native sugar maple called the Big Tooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum.  The Arboretum also contains the production nursery for Trees That Please Nursery and is the proving ground for Soil Secrets products. All plants on the Arboretum grounds and Trees That Please Nursery

Please Attend Valencia County Commissioner's Meeting October 9th, 2013

Please Attend the Valencia County Commisioner's Meeting today at 5:00 pm to show your support for Local businesses along Highway 47 near Tome Hill in Central New Mexico! The County Commisioners have issued a notice of a public meeting concerning zoning changes along Highway 47 that will likely compromise the ability of local businesses including either the Trees That Please Nursery or Soil Secrets as a potential business site for a future owner.  The Valencia county zoning and planning office and planner have not been able to tell us if this zoning overlay plan will benefit local businesses or even if it could potentially damage them.     Valencia County Commissioner Meeting 10/09/13   We need to have as many citizens at this meeting as possible who are sick and tired of our government trying to control our lives and our private property rights.  Please Plan on Attending! Valencia County Board of Commissioners Meeting today October 9, at 5:00 PM. Meeting will be he

Come and See The Show!

Each autumn visitor’s to Trees That Please Nursery are treated to a special presentation of Fabulous Fall Foliage courtesy of our Red Oaks. The players in this dazzling display are a New Mexico native, the Chisos Red Oak,  and the Texas Red Oak, not native but gets as close as west Texas. We propagate both trees from acorns collected from wild populations. The Chisos Red Oak, ( Quercus gravesii ) a New Mexico native is found in the Organ Mountains by Las Cruces. This oak can grow 1’ – 4’ per year reaching 30’ – 35’ tall and sometimes as wide. It has a deep tap root so could be planted closer to structures than say a surface rooted tree like a Cottonwood or Globe Willow. Fall foliage colors are reds, maroons, and occasionally orange. The Texas Red Oak, ( Quercus buckleyi ) can also grow 1’ to 4’ per season reaching 40’ – 45’ tall and 25’ – 30’ wide. It also has a tap root so may be planted nearer structures than surface rooted trees. Fall foliage colors are

Our Apple Trees Are on Sale!

Trees That Please Nursery still has a great selection of Apple trees for fall planting. In addition during our October Sale they are discounted 10%. Our Apple Trees inventory is as follows and includes both common and heirloom varieties and apples for fresh eating and / or cooking: Arkansas Black Blue Permain Braeburn Canadian Strawberry Fuji Gala Golden Delicious Granny Smith Honey Crisp Jonathon King of the Pippins McIntosh Red Delicious Winesap Yellow Transparent Most of these apples are self-fertile, meaning they are stand alone trees and can produce fruit without the need of another apple variety for pollination. All apple trees are fully rooted in 5 gallon containers. They are from 5’ – 7’ tall, are of flowering age, and are on a vigorous rootstock that does well when grown in clay or sandy type soils. Come in to the nursery and check out our apple tree inventory and we can give the full, sweet and tasty variety descriptions. Imagine picking an apple

Check Out Our Selection Of Discounted Fruit Trees!

Looking for that special fruit tree for your backyard or business? We’ve made a special effort to ensure we have fruit trees available for the favored fall planting season. Fall is a great time to plant! Water Stress is reduced in the fall and the winter dormancy period will be here soon. While the above ground portion of your fruit tree goes dormant, root growth can continue through winter. Fall planting coupled with winter root growth allows your fruit tree to resume growth in Spring, in your landscape, with no further disturbances. Winter care consists of watering at least once every 3 – 4 weeks to ensure the root system remains moist and does not dry out which will result in root death. Just choose a day when your hose is not frozen and give your tree a good soaking. We have Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Grapes, and Blackberries. All fruit trees are available in 5 gallon containers, are of flowering age, and most are 3/4 “ to 1” in trunk

October is your month to Save at Trees That Please Nursery!

Time to Save on All Your Landscape Needs! Each October we discount our Trees and Shrubs, some as much as 50%. Have you been waiting for cooler weather to plant? Have you been looking for that perfect tree or shrub for your home or business? October is your month, not only for planting but to get some great deals on Shade Trees, Oak Trees, Fruit Trees, Ornamentals, Cacti, and Perennials at Trees That Please Nursery!.   Do you need to feed and fertilize your landscape? Come in and save on Soil Secret Products like: Earth Magic, Protein Crumblies, Compost, and Worm Castings! Don’t miss our annual October Sale! October 1 st thru the 31 st !   We hope to see you there!!!!   Contact Trees That Please Nursery at 505-866-5027 for more information.