Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Apple Trees Are on Sale!

Trees That Please Nursery still has a great selection of Apple trees for fall planting. In addition during our October Sale they are discounted 10%.

Our Apple Trees inventory is as follows and includes both common and heirloom varieties and apples for fresh eating and / or cooking:

Arkansas Black
Blue Permain
Canadian Strawberry
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Honey Crisp
King of the Pippins
Red Delicious
Yellow Transparent

Most of these apples are self-fertile, meaning they are stand alone trees and can produce fruit without the need of another apple variety for pollination. All apple trees are fully rooted in 5 gallon containers. They are from 5’ – 7’ tall, are of flowering age, and are on a vigorous rootstock that does well when grown in clay or sandy type soils.

Come in to the nursery and check out our apple tree inventory and we can give the full, sweet and tasty variety descriptions. Imagine picking an apple off your own tree at peak flavor, sweetness and crispness!

During our October Sale Apple Trees are discounted 10%. So come on in and save today!
Don’t miss our annual October Sale! October 1st thru the 31st!  We hope to see you there!!!! 


  1. It's time to plant them surely.
    I'm interested in some Golden Delicious and Canadian Strawberry.
    Do You offer shipping

  2. We hope to be able to offer some of our apple trees as bare-roots (possibly as one-gallon plants in soil) sometime this fall or winter season.