Sunday, October 6, 2013

Come and See The Show!

Each autumn visitor’s to Trees That Please Nursery are treated to a special presentation of Fabulous Fall Foliage courtesy of our Red Oaks. The players in this dazzling display are a New Mexico native, the Chisos Red Oak, and the Texas Red Oak, not native but gets as close as west Texas. We propagate both trees from acorns collected from wild populations.

The Chisos Red Oak, (Quercus gravesii) a New Mexico native is found in the Organ Mountains by Las Cruces. This oak can grow 1’ – 4’ per year reaching 30’ – 35’ tall and sometimes as wide.

It has a deep tap root so could be planted closer to structures than say a surface rooted tree like a Cottonwood or Globe Willow. Fall foliage colors are reds, maroons, and occasionally orange.

The Texas Red Oak, (Quercus buckleyi) can also grow 1’ to 4’ per season reaching 40’ – 45’ tall and 25’ – 30’ wide.

It also has a tap root so may be planted nearer structures than surface rooted trees. Fall foliage colors are usually combinations of reds and maroons.

Leaves of both trees turn a chocolate brown after the colors fade. The Texas Red Oak will drop its leaves during December and January. The Chisos Red Oak typically holds its chocolate brown leaves until the spring winds finally take them off the tree, usually just weeks before spring leaf out.

Hurry in, the shows about to start!

During our October Sale the Chisos Red and Texas Red Oaks are discounted 25% and are available in both 5 gallon and 15 gallon container sizes. So come on in and save today!

Photos and Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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