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Christmas Holiday Hours

Trees That Please Nursery will be closed for the Christmas  and New Years Holidays as follows: Closed for Christmas Holiday December 24 th  - January 2 nd . We will reopen on Friday January 3 rd  at 9:00 am. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy the Holidays, Be Safe, and We Hope to See You in 2014!

Protein Crumblies® Are Now Available Online

Protein Crumblies® is nature’s best source of nutritional calories for feeding the soil. Derived from selected vegetable proteins, Soil Secrets has selected this product for the best ratios of amino acids that can provide the highest protein efficiency value possible. The protein also provides a source of slow release Nitrogen that can be used by both plants and soil microorganisms. Trees That Please Nursery uses Protein Crumblies® as part of its plant feeding (fertilization) program twice annually at both the Retail Nursery and Arboretum. To learn more about Protein Crumblies® visit the Soil Secrets website at: Protein Crumblies® are available for purchase online via the Trees That Please Nursery Website. Click the following link to review and purchase online:

Compre el humus en línea!

Soil Secrets produce los productos de Humus Earth Magic®,   también conocido como Commercial Grade TerraPro® y Agricultural Grade TerraPro®. Estos productos están disponibles en línea a través de Trees That Please. Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para revisar y compre estos   productos. Los productos de Humus como el Earth Magic® (Commercial Grade TerraPro®) y Agricultural Grade TerraPro® puede ayudar a mejorar la tierra en diferentes maneras como: Mejora la absorción de nutrients Mejora la estructura de la tierra y el desarrollo de las raíces   Aumenta actividad microbio de la tierra Aumenta los rendimientos de los cultivos   Promueve otros cultivos más sanos,   aumentando la absorción de los nutrients Mejorar la fertilidad de la tierra Para aprender más sobre estos productos , visite la página de internet de Soil Secrets Narrativo de: Yesenia Hernandez

Buy Humus Online

Soil Secrets produces the Humus products Earth Magic®, also known as Commercial Grade TerraPro® and Agricultural Grade TerraPro®. These products are available online via the Trees That Please Nursery Website. Click the following link to review and purchase these Soil Conditioners online: Humus products like Earth Magic® (Commercial Grade TerraPro®) and Agricultural Grade TerraPro® can help improve your soil several different ways including: Improves the uptake of nutrients Improves soil structure and root development Increases soil microbe activity Increases crop yields Retains fertilizers, thereby reducing runoff Promotes healthier crops, by increasing nutrient uptake Improves drought tolerance, by retaining water in the soil Improve soil fertility Remediates soils damaged by: Crude Oils, Salts and Mine Tailings To learn more about these unique humus products visit the Soil Secrets website at:

Purchase Earth Magic® (Commercial Grade TerraPro) OnLine!

Earth Magic® (Commercial Grade TerraPro) is a unique concentrated humus product that contains a broad spectrum of beneficial mycorrhizae fungi and soil enzymes along with a high percentage of Humic Acids. The formulation of Humic Acids in this product is guaranteed to have unique biological and chemical characteristics that will provide exceptional benefits to any soil. The objective of this product is to fortify the soil with the best humic acid product possible at the highest concentration possible; because they are powerful biologics that can jump start the life of your soil. In addition, a full blend of both Endo (VAM) and Ecto type mycorrhizal spores are included in Commercial Grade TerraPro at a spore count of 50,000 spores per 1000 sq. ft. if used at label rate. Click Here To Learn More About Earth Magic®: Click Here To Purchase Online :

Give an Oak Tree For Christmas and Save 25%!

Consider an Oak Tree for that someone special. Oak trees are long-lived so your gift will be remembered and cherished for many years. New Mexico is home to numerous native oak tree species. Some are fast growing, up to 4’ per year, while others are slow, maybe 12” per season. Amongst the New Mexico Native oaks are evergreens including the Gray Oak which can reach 40’-45’ tall and wide. Looking for color? Consider the Chisos Red Oak, fast growing, with a mature canopy of up to 35’-40’ tall and wide. The Chisos Red Oak produces a magnificent red-maroon fall color which is a rare find amongst native New Mexico tree species. Trees That Please Nursery has discounted all our Oak Trees 25%. For example, our 5 gallon Oaks are regularly $39 but with a 25% discount they are only $29.25 before taxes which makes them a very affordable gift. Larger Oaks in 15 gallon containers or Root Control Bags are also available and discounted! A partial listing of the Oaks we propagate

A Cactus With Christmas In It's Name!

The Desert Christmas Cholla ( Cylindropuntia leptocaulis ) produces small fruits which turn red or red-orange during winter, typically in December. To some these colored fruits resemble small Christmas ornaments. The Desert Christmas Cholla, a New Mexico Native, has slender stems and grows to about 2’ to 3’ tall and wide. This cholla is best grown in full sun on well-drained soils with only occasional watering. It produces cream colored flowers and is Hardy to USDA zone 6. Trees That Please Nursery propagates the Desert Christmas Cholla and has them available in 1 or 5 gallon containers. The Desert Christmas Cholla  makes a great Christmas Gift and addition to the low water – low maintenance landscape. Photos and Narrative By: Steve Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gift Certificate!

Looking for but can’t find that perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for your friend who loves to garden or work in the yard? Why not consider a Gift Certificate from Trees That Please Nursery? A Gift Certificate allows that special someone to choose their own gift – so you can’t go wrong here, and the gift is sure to be appreciated and needed! Come by the Nursery and get your Gift Certificate Today! Store Hours: Sunday                                   11 – 4 Monday – Saturday              9 – 4:30

¿Está buscando un Árbol de Navidad?

Trees That Please Nursery cuenta con varios árboles de Navidad incluyendo   el Black Hills Spruce. El Black Hills Spruce es una gran opción ya que tiene la forma del árbol perfecto para estas Navidades.   Lo puede tener adentro de su casa durante las fiestas navidenas! Despues de las fiestas plante su arbol afuera permanentrmente y disfrutar por muchos año s! ! Lo puede decorar y disfrutar cada temporada navidena. El Black Hills Spruce puede crecer unos 30-40 pies de altura y de 20-25 pies de ancho.   Requiere que los riegue regularmente para el major crecimiento.   Póngase en contacto con   Trees That Please Nursery, para más información y precios. Narrativo de: Yesenia Hernandez

To Till or Not To Till, that is the question? Part 2:

Another benefit, but not the only benefit of the mycorrhizal fungi No Till relationship is that of 'Humic Recalcitrant Carbon Molecule'  production in the soil.  That's the stuff that's black in color and which gives a top soil its characteristic darker color.  It's also the stuff that by bad habit the entire industry generically calls humic acids .   The term humic acid (or acids) does not describe specific molecular structures and the term does not follow the rules of chemistry nomenclature.  However since our State Regulatory offices use this old fashion term and have very vague methods of measuring the stuff, we are stuck with using the term for now.    When Nature builds these amazing carbon molecules, or you supplement them by adding soil conditioners such as TerraPro by Soil Secrets, the molecules involved play a huge role in building macro-aggregate structure.  This is caused by the polarity value of the molecules causing a 'mechanism of action' ( M

To Till or Not To Till, that is the question? Part 1:

The concept of no-till is to favor the proliferation of mycorrhizal fungal roots on the roots of the crop.  The mycorrhizae produce a vast network of fungus roots called hyphae that are microscopic, however they are of critical importance in holding the soil structure together in what we call macro-aggregate structure.   They are also responsible for many other benefits to the host plant, but for now let’s stick to the soil structure benefit.  The slide below shows this soil fungal hyphae relationship.  When we plow or till soil we clobber this relationship, making it difficult for mycorrhizal fungi to perpetuate in an agricultural setting for very long, resulting in most agriculture crops not being mycorrhizal.  This includes organic farms as well!  Beyond the physical characteristic of the fungal hyphae gluing the soil macro-aggregate structure together, the hyphae also contain huge amounts of Nitrogen, which potentially is the single largest contributor of that element

Why Not Plant A Living Christmas Tree This Season?

Why not decorate a Living Christmas Tree this Holiday Season? Buy a potted Pine or Spruce for your holiday tree this season and enjoy it's wonderful scent!  Then after the holidays plant your tree permanently outside and enjoy it for years to come. It can be decorated outdoors each holiday season so you'll get seasonal enjoyment every year! The Nursery has several Christmas tree varieties available including: Austrian Black Pines, Bosnian Pine, Scotch Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Black Hills Spruce . Different container sizes are available also so there is probably one that will fit your space.... Care is simple! Basically keep your potted Christmas tree watered while in the drying home environment. After the Holidays remember to re-acclimate your tree to the cold outdoor temperatures before permanently planting. This is a requirement to help your trees survival outdoors because if the tree was inside for an extended time, like 2-3 weeks, it may come

Chisos Red Oaks Hardy For Frigid Temperatures!

The Chisos Red Oak, a native to New Mexico, makes a great landscaping specimen, and are hardy enough for our frigid winter temperatures. The Chisos Red Oak is a fast growing tree with a canopy of up to 30’-35’ tall and 25’-30’ wide. It can grow as much as 4’ per season and has deep roots so can be placed fairly close to structures like sidewalks, driveways, walls, or even your home. Leaves turn a brilliant red-maroon in fall. Leaves usually remain on the trees into spring sporting a chocolate brown color. The photo below shows Chisos Red Oak foliage on a frigid 17 degree morning with heavy frost! Trees That Please Nursery grows the Chisos Red Oak from acorns collected from wild populations. We have them available in 5 and 15 gallon container sizes ready for late fall and winter planting. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Thanksgiving Holiday Store Hours

Trees That Please Nursery Will Be Closed:     Thursday Nov. 28 th   and  Friday Nov. 29 th For The Thanksgiving Holiday We Will Resume Normal Store Hours On Saturday Nov. 30 th .     Mon – Sat    9 – 4:30           Sun       11 – 4

Traveled Far and Wide To Find Vasey Oak Acorns This Year!

As New Mexico and Texas have been in drought the last several years collecting acorns from wild tree populations has been tough. Trees have not produced acorns or produce very few during seasons of drought. This year, to collect Vasey Oak acorns necessitated traveling to the Texas Hill Country. We found Vasey Oaks growing up the sides of dry arroyos. Outside of these arroyos the surrounding land appeared to be desert or mesa. Acorns were found in abundance on these trees. Vasey Oak ( Quercus pungens var. vaseyana ) is a New Mexico native tree that can be found growing in the area near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Vasey Oak grows as a tree to 25’ - 40’ tall and wide  or can sometimes form thickets.  Vasey Oak may be an evergreen or semievergreen tree. It’s leaves are glossy green.  The bark of Vasey Oak is unusual in that it is produced in scale-like vertical blocks. Trees That Please Nursery grows Vasey Oaks starting with collected acorns that are germ

COMING SOON: Trees That Please Nursery Website Online Sales!

We are currently updating the Trees That Please Nursery Website adding the ability to offer online sales. We will begin by offering the Products of Soil Secrets including Earth Magic, TerraPro, Protein Crumblies, and TTP Compost.  Trees That Please Nursery and the Arboretum Tome use these products exclusively to feed all our trees, shrubs, perennials, and house plants. We will send out further updates as  the Online Sales portion of our website becomes functional. We also hope to offer bare-root fruit trees and bare-root oak trees as a seasonal online product to the nursery website. Please visit our website at: Select Products tab, then Plant & Soil Food Products to check for online sales of Soil Secrets Products. Photos & Narrative By: Steve Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Winter in the Greenhouse

During winter we devote a large portion of Greenhouse #1 to native tree seed germination. We travel the state and into Texas searching wild tree populations for seed. Ideally we look for tree species growing in isolation so that hybridization is minimized. We carefully collect, tag, preserve, and transport seed back to the nursery for planting. In some cases we are unable to plant immediately so then we refrigerate the seed until use. Depending upon seed size we then plant one or two seeds per cell. Seed may take one to three months to germinate depending upon variety.  The tray in the photo shows Vasey Oak tree seedlings about one month after planting. Seedlings spend the winter months in the greenhouse then in spring we move them to the Arboretum Tome for further growth and development. They usually spend two to four years at the Arboretum where they are transferred first to one gallon containers then five gallon containers and sometimes into 15 gallon containers. They

Chisos Red Oak in the Snow!

The Chisos Red Oak ( Quercus gravesii ) is New Mexico's only native red oak tree species. This oak can reach 30' - 35' tall and wide. It has a deep tap root and annual growth up to 4 feet. The Chisos Red Oak most commonly has red-maroon fall color but some trees produce yellow or orange foliage in autumn. The Chisos Red Oak retains its leaves through winter after fall color is lost. These chocolate brown leaves remain on the tree usually until spring growth resumes with new leaves. The Chisos Red Oak makes a great addition to your home or business landscape. The photo above shows a Chisos Red Oak seedling weathering the first snow of the season in Los Lunas, NM! Trees That Please Nursery can deliver and plant your Chisos Red Oak just contact the store for details! Photos & Narrative By: Steve Sain Staff Plant Physiologist

Memories of the Golden Jubilee Tomato..

The first killing frosts have come and ended the growing season but memories of an orangish-gold tomato persist. The Golden Jubilee Tomato is a tasty treat that adds a splash of color to your salad, sandwich, or snack.   Golden Jubilee Tomatoes have a mild flavor and are low in acid for those with sensitive stomachs. It produces a medium size fruit and has the indeterminate growth habit, meaning it will continue to produce until frost.   If you have not  tried a Golden Jubilee Tomato put it on your spring planting list. Trees That Please Nursery has these colorful gems available each spring planting season. Photos & Narrative By: Stephen Sain Staff Plant Physiologist  

At The Arboretum Tomé, Our Redwoods Have Male Flowers This Year!

Both Our New Mexico and Texas Redwoods have produced male flowers this season for the first time since planting. Both of these redwood varieties were seed planted about 20 years ago. The original seed source for our New Mexico Redwood was a specimen found growing in the Gila wilderness. This tree has produced female flowers (cones) for 4-5 years now but without a pollen source no viable seed is produced (cones are sterile). The male flowers, produced in abundance this season hang in clusters. Individual flowers are still closed at this time (October) so are not shedding pollen (see photo below).   We are very excited about the potential to produce this rare tree, a New Mexico Native, from seed in the coming years. The New Mexico Redwood, ( Taxodium mucronatum var. neomexicana ) is a fast growing deciduous tree. Native to New Mexico, few specimens survive in the wild. As a riparian tree, with deep roots, the New Mexico Redwood is best grown with ample water. It is no

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club Visited The Arboretum Tomé!

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club had a field trip to The Arboretum Tomé on Saturday October 19 th to view the grounds and look for Bonsai plant specimens.  The Club had access to all tree specimens grown at the Arboretum. Many of these are in one gallon containers a good size to start your Bonsai. The Arboretum serves as the production nursery for Trees That Please Nursery so has a great variety of tree species available. The group asked lots of questions and were able to roam the Arboretum grounds. For more information about the Albuquerque Bonsai Club visit their website at: Anyone interested in Bonsai is welcome to join the Albuquerque Bonsai Club. Membership dues are $24.00 per year for individuals or families starting in January. The benefits of membership in the Albuquerque Bonsai Club include: §   Monthly meetings, where members meet to share their interest in and knowledge of Bonsai.  Open to the public. §   Seminars and Worksh

The Arboretum Tomé, A Living Laboratory, Is Open Year Round

The Arboretum serves as a living laboratory and is available for school field trips, students, home gardeners, researchers, and individuals. The Arboretum is a great place to observe mature native trees, to study, to be inspired, or to see the great variety of native landscaping trees the southwest has to offer. If you're in the area, call us, for access! During Fall, The Arboretum Tomé,  presents a great variety of colorful fall foliage,  a visual sensation for the eyes! The Arboretum Tomé is a collection of trees endemic to the desert Southwest. The collection includes a huge collection of Oak trees, the genus Quercus, along with Redwoods, Giant Timber Bamboo, and Maples, including a Western native sugar maple called the Big Tooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum.  The Arboretum also contains the production nursery for Trees That Please Nursery and is the proving ground for Soil Secrets products. All plants on the Arboretum grounds and Trees That Please Nursery