Sunday, November 24, 2013

Traveled Far and Wide To Find Vasey Oak Acorns This Year!

As New Mexico and Texas have been in drought the last several years collecting acorns from wild tree populations has been tough. Trees have not produced acorns or produce very few during seasons of drought. This year, to collect Vasey Oak acorns necessitated traveling to the Texas Hill Country. We found Vasey Oaks growing up the sides of dry arroyos. Outside of these arroyos the surrounding land appeared to be desert or mesa. Acorns were found in abundance on these trees.

Vasey Oak (Quercus pungens var. vaseyana) is a New Mexico native tree that can be found growing in the area near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Vasey Oak grows as a tree to 25’ - 40’ tall and wide 

or can sometimes form thickets. 

Vasey Oak may be an evergreen or semievergreen tree. It’s leaves are glossy green. 

The bark of Vasey Oak is unusual in that it is produced in scale-like vertical blocks.

Trees That Please Nursery grows Vasey Oaks starting with collected acorns that are germinated and grown over winter in our greenhouse.

Vasey Oaks are available in 5 gallon containers.
Contact the store for more information.

Photos By:
Anna Forester
General Manager

Photos & Narrative By:
Steve Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist


  1. Will they grow at our elevation in Snowflake , Az ?? :)

    1. Joe,

      They have survived in Los Lunas, NM during winters with lows of -20 F. Both Los Lunas, NM and Snowflake, AZ are out of it's natural range but they do well here, The Elevation in Los Lunas is about 5000' versus 5600' - 6000' in Snowflake. Probably would do OK.