Friday, December 20, 2013

Give an Oak Tree For Christmas and Save 25%!

Consider an Oak Tree for that someone special. Oak trees are long-lived so your gift will be remembered and cherished for many years. New Mexico is home to numerous native oak tree species. Some are fast growing, up to 4’ per year, while others are slow, maybe 12” per season.

Amongst the New Mexico Native oaks are evergreens including the Gray Oak which can reach 40’-45’ tall and wide.

Looking for color? Consider the Chisos Red Oak, fast growing, with a mature canopy of up to 35’-40’ tall and wide. The Chisos Red Oak produces a magnificent red-maroon fall color which is a rare find amongst native New Mexico tree species.

Trees That Please Nursery has discounted all our Oak Trees 25%. For example, our 5 gallon Oaks are regularly $39 but with a 25% discount they are only $29.25 before taxes which makes them a very affordable gift. Larger Oaks in 15 gallon containers or Root Control Bags are also available and discounted!

A partial listing of the Oaks we propagate include:

Bur Oak
Chinquapin Oak
Gambel Oak
Chisos Red Oak
Mexican Blue Oak
Turbinella Oak
Gray Oak
Escarpment Live Oak
Texas Red Oak
Fendler Oak
Arizona White Oak

Come in and check out our Oaks. They make great shade trees and we’re sure to have one with a mature canopy to fit your landscape needs.
Don’t forget they are now discounted 25%!

Photos and Narrative By:
Steve Sain

Staff Plant Physiologist

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