Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sex At The Nursery

We sexed our Silverleaf Buffaloberry plants at the nursery on Valentine’s Day. The flowers are tiny and you must look closely but you can clearly find male and female flowers. 
Males are identified by their protruding stamens.

Females are harder to identify as their pistils just barely protrude from the flower.

Do you have a Silverleaf Buffaloberry that has never made fruit? Maybe it needs a partner?
 If you examine your plants closely, over the next few weeks, looking for tiny yellow flowers, you should be able (by comparison to our photos) to determine if you have a boy or a girl plant.
Then stop by the nursery and we’ll be your matchmaker!

Silverleaf Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentia) is a large shrub that can reach 6′-15′ tall and wide. It is thorny with silvery-gray leaves. Canopy is very dense. Silverleaf Buffaloberry produces tiny yellow flowers and an edible berry that is red, orange or yellow. There are male and female plants, both are needed to produce fruit. It is a great good choice for use in the xeric garden.

The fruits are consumed by wildlife. Peolpe eat the fruits raw or dried for winter use. 
They are used to make a flavoring sauce for buffalo meat. 
The Silverleaf Buffaloberry has been a staple food for some American Indians.

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