Monday, January 28, 2013

Tired of the Browns & Yellows of Your Winter Landscape?

Are you tired of your dead looking winter landscape? Wish you had something more than leafless trees and shrubs to look out at? Are you longing for the green foliage of spring and summer? If you want something more than Trees That Please Nursery can help!

Trees That Please Nursery propagates evergreen trees and shrubs that can add color and winter interest to your home or business landscape. All of the following photos were taken during winter on January 28, 2013 in Los Lunas, NM.

Gray Oak is a native evergreen oak that retains its gray-green foliage through winter,

as a close-up of its foliage reveals. Leaves will sometimes turn brown during the coldest winters.

New Mexico Live Oak is another native evergreen oak that is green through most winters.

Leaves remain green or may have some browning during late winter.

Turbinella Oak (native) is also evergreen (blue-green) through winter as seen in these specimens pruned into shrubs.

Leaves retain their color into the cold of January. As a smaller tree or shrub Turbinella Oak  may be useful as a visual barrier for those with allergies to Juniper and Cypress.

We also stock a nice selection of Pines including the Afghan Desert Pine

The Italian Stone Pine,

and the Austrian Black Pine.

We also carry Junipers, like the Blue Rug Juniper with foliage that gains a purplish color during winter,

and Arborvitae.

Come by the nursery during the winter and take home some color for your landscape.

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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