Sunday, October 12, 2014

Have You Ever Had…..

A Sweet and Juicy Peach picked at peak ripeness off your own tree? 

Imagine that first bite, it almost splashes onto your cheeks and lips with sweet goodness.

If you have been thinking about adding a peach tree to your backyard orchard then act now while Trees That Please Nursery is having their Annual October Sale!

Peach trees are discounted and we have several varieties to choose from including:

Pixie Peach
Polly White

These peach varieties are self-fertile so you only need one tree to get fruit!

Pixie Peach is a genetic dwarf and only gets about 6’ tall and wide, so makes a good choice if you have only limited space available. Polly White Peach is a white fleshed variety with excellent flavor!

Most Peach Tree varieties also have great fall color - something extra to enjoy!

Open Daily until 5:00!

Trees That Please Nursery Serves the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area,
New Mexico, and the Southwest.

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain  

Staff Plant Physiologist

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