Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Have A Winner!

Over the past month or so we have been collecting entries:

For A Free Fruit Tree With Planting
A $175.00 Value!

We had our drawing

And We Have A Winner!

David Robinson of Los Lunas, NM…..

Trees That Please Nursery will:
And Guarantee This Tree!

To ensure success we will use the Soil Secrets Products:
Protein Crumblies.

What Does TerraPro Do?
TerraPro is a Soil Conditioner That:

Improves the uptake of nutrients
Improves soil structure and root development
Increases soil microbe activity
Increases crop yields
Retains fertilizers, thereby reducing runoff
Promotes healthier crops, by increasing nutrient uptake
Improves drought tolerance, by retaining water in the soil
Improve soil fertility
Remediates soils damaged by: Crude Oils, Salts and Mine Tailings

What Does Protein Crumblies Do?

Protein Crumblies is nature’s best source of nutritional calories for feeding the soil.

It is also a source of slow release organic nitrogen that plants and soil microbes can use.

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