Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yellow Transparent Apple

Yellow Transparent Apple (Malus pumila) is also known by the names White Transparent and Grand Sultan. It produces a medium to large apple with a transparent pale yellow skin.

Yellow Transparent Apple was developed in the late 1800’s for folks living in Minnesota, the Dakota’s, and Michigan who needed cold hardy fruit trees. The USDA imported cold hardy apples from Russia and ultimately Yellow Transparent was chosen more so for its early productivity and good quality.

Yellow Transparent Apple is self-fertile and is a useful pollinator for other nearby apple varieties. This tree is a vigorous grower and heavy bearer.

Yellow Transparent Apple is an early season apple with fruit ripening in August. It is an excellent cooking apple and also good for fresh eating.

Yellow Transparent Apple is hardy to USDA zone 2.

Apple trees need regular water for good fruit production and growth. Trees That Please Nursery has Yellow Transparent Apple available on M111 rootstock. Apple trees grown on M111 rootstock grow well on both clay and sandy soils and can be kept to any desired height with summer pruning.

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Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist


  1. Would you have Yellow Transparent set in M27 or P22 rootstock?

  2. We only have the Yellow Transparent Apple on M111 rootstock.