Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Consider a Fast Growing Oak For Your Next Shade Tree!

Consider a Fast Growing Oak For Your Next Shade Tree!

More often than not Oak Trees are considered for shade in the landscape because they are thought of as “Slow Growing”.

Trees That Please Nursery will tell you that is not true. There are many fast growing oaks that deserve consideration as shade or specimen trees.

Oak trees have many desirable traits that make them sought after in the landscape. Oaks have deep roots so can be planted near structures. Oaks are long lived. Oaks are hardwoods so are not prone to the broken branches that are common in trees like cottonwoods or willows. Oaks are less prone to insect damage than other trees. Many Oaks have spectacular fall foliage.

Trees That Please Nursery propagates many varieties of Oaks including the “Fast-Growing Texas Red Oak”.

Texas Red Oak:

Not quite native to New Mexico but gets as close as West Texas. This oak can grow 1’ – 4’ per season and reach 40’ – 45’ in height and 25’ – 30’ in width.  The Texas Red Oak has brilliant Red-Maroon fall Foliage. The photo below is of a Texas Red Oak planted 7 years ago by a landscaping company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The soil of this particular site consists of pure sand. Compare its height to the house it now provides shade for.

Planted by Puzak Landscaping in Bosque subdivision ABQ. Pure sand.

Tree That Please Nursery has the Texas Red Oak available in 5 and 15 gallon containers. Visit the nursery to evaluate this and our other oaks for your landscape!

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