Monday, February 13, 2012

Tis The Season For Bare-Root Fruit Trees!

Late winter to Early Spring is Bare-Root fruit tree season. What is a Bare-Root Fruit Tree? Bare-Root fruit trees are those which have been harvested while still dormant (leaf-less) and sold without soil around their roots (see photo).

There are several advantages to buying bare-root fruit trees. First is price, which is generally lower than container established trees. Second, is the great diversity of available varieties from which to select. Many nurseries offer standard, heirloom, or less common fruit tree varieties as bare-roots. Some nurseries will also do custom grafting of a variety if it is not in stock. Custom grafting not only allows you to select your variety but also allows you to select a suitable rootstock to match your particular soil situation.  Finally, transporting and planting your bare-root tree is easier because of reduced weight and root mass, since no soil is attached. All you need to do is keep the roots moist and protected from freezing until planting. Remember to plant grafted fruit trees with the graft exposed above soil level (see photo).

Trees That Please Nursery has the following Bare-Root Fruit trees available for immediate planting.

  • Braeburn     - crisp, tangy, sweet flavor, self-fruitful, ripens late season, good keeper.
  • Gala               - dessert apple, sweet, rich flavor, self-fruitful, ripens mid-season.
  • Jonathan      - excellent fresh-eating apple, sweet, tart flavor, self-fruitful, ripens early-season
  • Red Fuji        - crisp with sweet flavor, self-fruitful, ripens mid to late-season, good keeper.
  • Lapins            - large, dark-red, sweet cherry, self-fruitful, similar to Bing.
  • North Star    - large meaty pie cherry, eat fresh or use for pies, self-fruitful.
  • Harrow Delight       - Bartlett like fruit, heavy bearing tree, needs a pollinator; Fire-blight resistant.
  • Seckel                        - sweet, spicy, rich flavor, smaller tree, self-fruitful; Fire-blight resistant.
  • Warren                      - sweet, juicy, buttery fruit, no grit cells, self-fruitful; Fire-blight resistant.
  • Shinko Asian Pear   - Apple Pear, sweet, juicy, crisp fruit; needs a pollinator; Fire-blight resistant.
  • Stanley           - European Plum, Sweet & Juicy Fresh, Dry into Prunes, self-fruitful, late bloom.
  • Green Gage   - European Plum, Dessert Plum Sweet & Juicy Fresh, self-fruitful, late bloom.
  • Flavor Queen     -Plum / Apricot Hybrid, Candy like sweetness; needs a pollinator
Contact the nursery at or by phone at 505-866-5027 for more information about Bare-Root or container grown fruits.

 Written By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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