Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine’s Day - What you gonna do?

Are you tired of giving flowers that wither and die after a few days? Looking for something that lasts longer? Say I Love You with an Ever- or Long-Blooming Flowering Plant! Why not plant a permanent reminder of your love and devotion?

Long blooming flowering plants are those which bloom spring through summer until frost. Trees That Please Nursery stocks long blooming roses, shrubs, and trees to meet your size and space requirements. Long-blooming rose varieties include:

‘Carefree Sunshine’               Yellow Flowers
‘Iceberg’                                 White Flowers
‘Hot Cocoa’                            Smokey Orange Flowers
‘Chuckles’                              Pink Flowers
‘Golden Showers’                   Yellow Flowers
‘Tropicana’                             Orange-Pink Flowers
‘Winnipeg Parks’                   Dark Red Flowers
‘Burgundy Iceberg’                Purple-Red Burgundy Flowers
‘Morden Sunrise’                   Orange-White Flowers Changing to Yellow

Need something larger, consider a large shrub or small tree like:

Chaste Tree is a fast growing shrub with multiple trunks growing to 15'-20' tall and wide. The Chaste tree produces lavender flowers in clusters from summer until frost that attract butterflies and honey bees. This tree has aromatic leaves and is very heat tolerant. The Chaste tree is best planted in full sun with low to regular water.  Hardy to USDA Zone 7.
Desert Willow - is a multi-trunked tree to 15' tall and wide, taller if pruned into a single-trunk specimen. Desert willows are extremely well suited for the xeric landscape or to cool down a west or south facing wall. They produce orchid like flowers that attract hummingbirds and bloom from summer until frost. Trees are available with white, pink, or burgundy colored flowers. The desert willow does very well on low water but if watered more regularly flower production is increased. Hardy to USDA Zone 6.
Trees That Please Nursery has a great selection of Valentine’s Day Long-Blooming plants for that special someone. So express yourself with a long-blooming plant that says I Love You all season. For questions please contact us at:; Phone: 505-866-5027.

Written By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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