Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Red Oaks Are Coming!

The Chisos Red Oak, a New Mexico Native tree, and the Texas Red Oak will be featured as our November trees of the month. Be sure to check our Blog during November to learn more about their landscaping qualities. More importantly visit the nursery in November to enjoy their fabulous fall foliage which can be in tones of red, maroon, sometimes orange and yellowish. Additionally, as our featured tree of the month receive a discount on their purchase!

Each of our Red Oaks is propagated from acorns we’ve collected from specimens with strong characters. This makes each of these trees unique in their features, much like members of your family are different. The photo below shows Texas Red Oak leaves taken from different trees. They differ in leaf color, leaf margins, size and form.

Don’t miss our Red Oaks, the November trees of the month!!!

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