Saturday, October 27, 2012

Visit our Nursery During October and Save!!!!!

Look for our Sign on Highway 47 in Los Lunas!
We are located 4 miles south of the Albertsons – BIG 5 shopping center.

Come in and enjoy all the fall colors and Save $$$$$ during October on all your planting needs!

Save up to 50% on Trees and Shrubs!

Cacti and Fruit Trees discounted 10%

Soil Secrets Products discounted 10%

Need a tree or shrub for your home or business?

It’s an ideal time to plant, no to minimal water stress!

Not sure what will fit or space or meet your needs? The staff at Trees That Please Nursery can help you your decision based upon your requirements of space, shade, and root systems.

Come in and save on Soil Secret Products like: Earth Magic, Protein Crumblies, Compost, and Worm Castings!

Contact Trees That Please Nursery for more information.


  1. I missed the October sales. Any way you will extend the prices through this weekend?

  2. Yes, we have extended the fall sale into November, so come by the nuresery and enjoy the colorful fall foliage!!