Friday, February 15, 2013

Bare-Root Jujube Trees Available Now

Trees That Please Nursery has Bare-Root Jujube trees available now for immediate planting. 

What is a Bare-Root Fruit Tree? Bare-Root fruit trees are those which have been harvested while still dormant (leaf-less) and sold without soil around their roots (see photo).  Our Bare-Root Jujubes are quite large.

Late winter to Early Spring is Bare-Root fruit tree planting season. Bare-Root fruit trees are very inexpensive compared to container grown varieties making them a great way to add to or start your orchard.

The Jujube tree (Ziziphus zizyphus) is also known as the Chinese date, red date, or just Jujube. It grows as a small to medium sized tree reaching 10’ – 20’ tall and wide. It has a very beautiful canopy with glossy-green leaves. Branches usually have spines approximately 1 inch in length. Jujubes produce small flowers in spring and summer on branches throughout the tree.

Jujubes produce a small fruit that can be round to oblong or egg shaped. At maturity, fruits are brown skinned and look like small apples. Fruits may be eaten fresh and are similar to an apple but a little less sweet and juicy. After the season’s first frosts the fruits shrivel and turn a darker reddish brown. The shriveled fruits are chewier and typically sweeter, resembling “dates”.  

After leaf fall you can observe their crooked branch structure and spines. This gives them winter interest especially if some fruits remain attached.

Jujube is a nice fruiting ornamental that grows well in our hot dry climate. They are best grown with low to regular water and tolerate most soils. Jujubes are hardy to USDA zone 5 and are heat and drought tolerant.

Contact Trees That Please Nursery for more information about our Bare-Root Jujubes including pricing .

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist


  1. Do you have suger cane jujube tree ?

  2. Do you have suger cane jujube tree?

  3. We do not have the variety Sugar Cane. We do have the Li Jujube variety which is self-fertile and late blooming. Jujubes will bloom through June in our area which assures you will get fruit annually.

  4. if i like to have some ,how much for each?