Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday – Saturday - Sunday SALE!!

Our large trees in Root Control Bags will be discounted 50% through Black Friday Weekend.

These are our largest trees. Trunk diameters measuring 2” – 3” – 4”. Some trees 12’ or taller. Basically you get TWO trees for the price of ONE!!!!!

Trees Included:  Bur Oaks, Chinquapin Oaks, Texas Red Oaks, Escarpment Live Oaks, Big Tooth Maples, Valley Oaks, Chinese Pistache, Gambel Oaks, and More….

Great opportunity to get a New Mexico Native shade tree that already has a canopy providing cooling shade. Native trees have the advantage of being fully adapted to New Mexico Heat and Low Rainfall!

Come In and look at our inventory!  Tag your tree for later planting if needed… 

Contact Trees That Please Nursery for more information and pricing.


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