Monday, November 26, 2012

Trees That Please Nursery: 30 Days of Fall Foliage, Wednesday November 21st.

Texas Madrone

Texas Madrone (Arbutus xalapensis) is also called the Naked Indian Tree or Texas Madroño is a New Mexico native evergreen.  Texas Madrone grows as a small tree or large shrub reaching about 8’ – 12’ tall and wide. As an evergreen, Texas Madrone retains its green foliage through fall and winter.

The trunk and branches of the Texas Madrone are quite striking with peeling (exfoliating) orangish-brown to reddish brown bark.

Leaves are oblong with a rounded point. Texas Madrone produces white flowers in clusters. The fruit is a red berry with a rough surface that will persist on the plant through winter. The red berries against the evergreen leaves add winter interest in the landscape through winter.

Texas Madrone must have good drainage for growth. It is best grown with low to regular water and is Hardy to USDA zone 6. The Texas Madrone is very difficult to propagate from seed and hates to be transplanted.

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Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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