Friday, November 16, 2012

Trees That Please Nursery: 30 Days of Fall Foliage, Friday November 16th.

Turpentine Bush

Turpentine Bush (Ericameria laricifolia) is a small evergreen shrub that is native to New Mexico. It normally grows with a rounded or spreading form to about 3’ tall and 3’ – 5’ wide.

Leaves are elongated and somewhat resemble short fat pine needles.

When leaves are crushed they emit a turpentine like or tart-lemony scent. Turpentine Bush flowers in late summer or early fall. Bright yellow flowers cover the plants making them a showy addition to the landscape. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Turpentine Bush is very heat and drought tolerant once established.

During fall and winter Turpentine Bush retains its green aromatic foliage.

Usually remnant seed clusters persist on the plants into late fall and early winter providing visual interest.

Turpentine Bush is best grown with low to regular water on well-drained soils. It is hardy to USDA Zone 6. This plant makes a great late flowering addition to the xeric landscape.

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Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist

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