Saturday, December 27, 2014

Have You Considered A Site Evaluation or Consultation?

Are you are planning a new landscape or adding to an existing one?

Do You Want to add a few trees and shrubs but you’re not sure
 if they are site or climate appropriate?

If so, then consider a Site Evaluation or Consultation?

 Trees That Please Nursery will, at your request,
visit your landscape site, whether it be your home or business
and help you answer the numerous planting and care questions that can arise.

Some Of The Questions We Ask and Evaluate Include:

Soil Drainage Characteristics.
How Will You Water?

Plant Growing Space Requirements.
Are Structures Nearby?

Under and Above Ground Utilities.
Septic Tank and Leach Field Locations.

Plant Purpose: Shade, Specimen, Flowers, etc.
Mature Plant Dimensions.

Acidic or Alkaline Soil Requiring Plants.
Evergreen or Deciduous Plants.

Once These Concerns Have Been Addressed
The Staff Of Trees That Please Nursery Can Help Or Make Suggestions
For Trees And Shrubs Based Upon Your Desires Or Requirements For The Site?

For More Information Contact The Nursery At:
Phone: 505-866-5027

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain 
Staff Plant Physiologist

Trees That Please Nursery
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Serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, and Belen

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