Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can you provide me more information about your Humus products like TerraPro?

We certainly can! Probably the best source to learn more about our humus products would be to visit the Soil Secrets website at: Trees That Please Nursery carries the full line of Soil Secrets products including the commercial grade TerraPro (Earth Magic) and Agriculture Grade grade TerraPro. These are available in various container sizes to meet your application needs. We also do custom blends of these products to meet the individual needs of farmers, landscapers, and home owners.

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  1. I have many questions,#1I am new to this shallow tilling,how deep,and consider these are raised beds? #2I am adding a bed this year for corn,for this I will need to compose my own soil,how much of the native layer is it ok to disturb before i add(using a mixture of bagged topsoil,peatmoss,compost and a manure,humus bag mixture?)This is not a large operation,more almost experimental at this point,and realize this is my first year total organic,I have been mistreating this soil for years and am trying to create a balanced mini organic ecosystem.I am only dealing right now with about 400 sq ft,but even this small plot,fertilizers,worm castings,topsoil,peatmoss,manure humus,gets to be not real cheap.Question3 Is it possible to grow high quality organic herbs in containers,there are some totally organic potting soils out there,but r they complete enough?