Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plant Spotlight: Warren Pear – The Perfect Pear Tree?

Warren Pear might just be the perfect fruit tree for your backyard! Warren is sweet and juicy, buttery with no grit cells, self-fruitful, and fireblight resistant. Fireblight of pears caused by the bacterium, Erwinia amylovora, a destructive disease of pear trees is found in Valencia County, New Mexico. The more commonly planted Bartlett pear is susceptible to this disease. So if your Bartlett pear is in bad shape due to fireblight why not try a Warren Pear? In addition, if you only have enough space to plant a single tree then Warren is ideal as it is self-fruitful, meaning it does not need another different pear tree nearby for pollination.
Trees That Please Nursery propagates Warren Pear and other fireblight-resistant varieties like Seckel and Harrow Delight. Please contact the nursery for more information.

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