Sunday, January 22, 2012

List of January Garden Tips

1)      Water trees, shrubs, lawn, 1-2 times this month.
2)      Prune fruit trees, grapes, shade trees. Prune cactus using BBQ tongs.
3)      Rebuild water basins around trees and shrubs
4)      Reapply (refill) water basins with organic mulch (not rock).
5)      Clean the yard; rake up leaves and apply to garden or orchard soil, cover with mulch.
6)      Sit down and Plan you garden or landscape.
7)      Research and order bare-root fruit trees.
8)      Plant trees and shrubs, no water stress.
9)      Order specialty seeds, like peanut, if local nurseries don’t carry starter plants.
10)  Cut Russian Sage plants back to 6” and cut old growth off of clump grasses.
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