Saturday, January 7, 2012

Do you sell Gray Oaks?

Our Gray Oaks are available in 5 gal, 15 gal, and larger Root Control Bag containers. 
Gray Oak (Quercus grisea) is a New Mexico native evergreen oak tree. It is found at lower elevations of the central mountain chain and into the Gila wilderness of SW New Mexico. It is a tap-rooted tree and grows up to 40 ft tall and wide. It has leathery gray leaves and is very drought tolerant once established. It can grow very fast sometimes adding up to 4 feet annually. It makes a great shade or specimen tree for the home landscape. Its deep root system allows it to be planted closer to structures than surface rooted trees like Cottonwoods or Sycamores. It makes a small acorn that birds like to eat.

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