Friday, January 2, 2015

Have You Considered A Seedless Raisin Vine For Your Home Garden?

A raisin is a dried grape, seedless raisins are produced from seedless grapes.
Most grapes if dried will produce a raisin.
Certain grape varieties are preferred for raisin production.

Trees That Please Nursery propagates two grape varieties 
that produce very good tasting grapes.

Himrod Grape

Himrod Seedless produces medium sized sweet golden yellow grapes that make excellent raisins. Himrod is an American Grape variety
that also makes very good juice.
Himrod is self-fruitful and is Hardy to USDA Zone 5.

Red Flame Grape

Red Flame Seedless produces medium to large light red sweet grapes. 
Photo below shows Red Flame and Himrod Grapes.

This variety is commonly found in grocery stores during summer. Red Flame is an European Grape variety that is also used for raisin production.
Red Flame is Hardy to USDA Zone 7 and is also self-fruitful.

 Consider a grape (raisin) vine for your next production crop
as they can be eaten fresh or as a dried fruit!

Grapes are easy to grow but need some sort of support for the long vines. Grapes are drought tolerant but produce the best grapes when given regular water. Grapes must also be pruned annually for best production.
Grape Vines Can Be Planted Now As Long Your Ground Is Not Frozen!
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Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain 
Staff Plant Physiologist

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