Monday, January 5, 2015

How To Choose The Best Shade Tree For Your Space: Step 1!

Step 1: As with any process it’s best to do a little homework.

Maybe you love Cottonwood Trees but do you know how big they will get?
Do you know how much water they need for best growth?
What about roots, do Cottonwoods have deep or surface roots?
Do they have weak branches that tend to break in our spring winds?
How Fast Can Cottonwoods Grow Under Optimal Conditions?

A Good Place To Start Your Shade Tree Search Is To Visit Our Website.
We Have A Shade Trees Section That You Can View Via The Link Below:
In Our Shade Tree Section We Have Trees For Large And Small Spaces. We’ve Put Together Information That Can Help You Choose A Shade Tree For Your Space.

If you would like even more information visit our blog at:

In the upper left portion of the screen there is a search button. Type in the name of the shade tree you are interested in for example, Chisos Red Oak, then hit enter. If we have done a story on your tree then it will be displayed on the screen. Our blogs normally contain more information and more pictures than we display on our website.

Be Sure And Check Back With Us For:
How To Choose The Best Shade Tree For Your Space: Step 2!

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain 
Staff Plant Physiologist

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