Friday, January 9, 2015

How To Choose The Best Shade Tree For Your Space: Step 3: Determine Your Water Availability!!

You Must Determine If Water Is Limiting In Your Landscape?

If No, then your previous tree choices are still acceptable!

If Yes, Water Is Limiting, then review your tree choices for their individual water needs.

You can usually find water usage information on the Trees That Please Website or by doing a Google search for the tree choices on your list.

Water Usage For The Trees On Your List Is As Follows:

Chinese Pistache  -  Low to Regular Water

Chisos Red Oak    -  Low to Regular Water

Shantung Maple    -  Low to Regular Water

Texas Red Oak     -  Low to Regular Water

Texas Redwood   -  Regular to High Water

The Texas Redwood is a riparian zone tree meaning that it is usually found in the wild growing next to a river or stream or other source of water (photo below).

Where water is limiting then the Texas Redwood
would not be a suitable shade tree choice for your landscape.
BOOM it Goes Away!

In A Water Limited Landscape The

Chinese Pistache
Chisos Red Oak
Shantung Maple
Texas Red Oak

Are Still Valid Shade Tree Choices!

Check Back With Us For:
How To Choose The Best Shade Tree For Your Space: Step 4!

Photos & Narrative By:
Stephen Sain 
Staff Plant Physiologist

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